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Our Goals: Our Goals

The Stevie Fever For ALS Foundation is focused on research and advocacy efforts to offer a better future to make ALS survivable.

The Stevie Fever For ALS Foundation's efforts to raise funds for research and clinical trials can lead to developing new and effective treatments for ALS, ultimately improving the lives of those living with the disease. By supporting the foundation's efforts through donations, individuals can play a vital role in helping to find a cure for ALS and offering hope for a better future. 

We are a registered Canadian charity organization and will provide you with a tax receipt for every donation made over $25. Your tax receipt will come from Canada Helps, a Canadian charity that helps other charities manage their donations.


We have partnered with the ALS Society of Canada and work to direct funds towards exciting research projects within the field of ALS and patient care.

Every donation counts and can significantly impact the fight against ALS. 

Thank you for donating to this important cause!


The SF Foundation



The Stevie Fever for ALS Foundation is proud to be a strong and unwavering supporter of the ALS Society of Canada (ALS Canada). We believe raising funds for the ALS Canada Research Program and investing in ALS research to build capacity and discoveries for a world free of ALS is of paramount importance.


To ensure best-in-class research is coming to life, we are thrilled to share that the Stevie Fever Foundation is supporting an innovative ALS Canada Acceleration Grant to fund the work of Dr. Stefan Dukic, from the University Medical Centre in Utrecht, Netherlands.


The Acceleration Grant is designed to provide rapid support to the best new idea from leading ALS scientists globally. In brief, a world leading panel of ALS experts extend an invitation to an impactful individual or initiative they are excited about, asking to apply with a short description of their next great unfunded idea. Upon review and selection from the panel, ALS Canada then provides funds to get the idea ignited expediently.


Dr. Dukic’s research will focus on people carrying the most common ALS genetic mutation (C9ORF72) however, haven’t demonstrated ALS symptoms. He will also combine EEG (electroencephalogram) with MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) technology, as a new and more powerful measure to inform us how we can detect the underlying ALS disease before symptoms start. Dr. Dukic will be well setup to collaborate with Canada moving forward through the University Medical Centre in Utrecht – one of the world’s top ALS sites and a hub for European ALS data.


As well, through ALS Canada we are investing in Project MinE – an open science, global database to understand the complex genetics of ALS which will help us move towards treatments. We will support eight DNA sequences. Having DNA sequences open to the world of ALS research, may advance understanding the underlying genetics of people with ALS.


We are excited with our contributions to ALS Canada and look forward to sharing more information with you in the coming months


Ruffle some feathers

With promising new ALS therapies on the horizon, we need your help telling your elected officials that it’s unacceptable to make Canadians with ALS wait years to access new treatments after they’ve been approved by Health Canada. Help by signing a letter to your local rep to make some noise.


All Year

Organize your own dance party, virtual challenge, run or walk, and more, in honour of raising funds for ALS awareness and research, and of course, Steve Daly.

Contact Trish Bentley for more details.

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