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Run For Stevie Fever


Raising Funds and Awareness For ALS

My name is Tim and I’m running the Toronto Marathon on May 1st 2022 in honour of my good friend Steve Daly. Please join me in raising funds and awareness to help find a cure for ALS.


Making ALS livable means finding new treatments, holding clinical trials for new drugs, and ramping up ALS research to help people living with ALS NOW. Donations WILL lead to better care, longer lives, and a possible cure. Although it is a rare disease, ALS can one day be a treatable, non-terminal disease with enough awareness and funds to aid research. 

Every dollar you donate to The Stevie Fever For ALS Foundation will contribute to the goal of having a world where ALS is a liveable disease and life with the disease is more manageable.  

You can sponsor me here:

Donate Now

Help The Stevie Fever For ALS Foundation make a difference in the lives of people affected by ALS.


Thank you for your donation!

Run 4 Stevie Fever HAS RAISED: $4300 SO FAR! 

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