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Once, the biggest concerns were the global pandemic and the challenges of homeschooling, until one night when Steve, spoke with slurred words at the dinner table. Known for his animated nature, he revealed the devastating news that he could no longer sing due to acid reflux. 


As time passed and life pressed forward, a haunting feeling persisted. One fateful morning, Steve delved into a Google search, seeking answers for his slurring, muscle spasms, and uncontrollable crying. The results repeatedly pointed to ALS, a debilitating and incurable neurological disease. Like passing a car accident, they tried to avert their gaze, clinging to normalcy, but Steve's crash was inevitable.


With the support of a neighbourhood doctor, Steve underwent a series of tests—MRIs, CT scans, blood work, and an EMG. The verdict arrived swiftly: ALS. The family cried, embraced one another tightly, and whispered words of love. Amidst the tears, however, laughter found its way back. Dua Lipa's music played, intertwining the hope born from cherished memories with the realization that love and connection transcend physical limitations. Steve radiated a bright light in every room he entered, untouched by ALS's attempt to silence his spirit.


In response to the life-altering diagnosis, the family rallied together, channelling their love into action. The Stevie Fever for ALS Foundation was created to raise funds and awareness for ALS. Recognizing the urgent need for support, the foundation launched a line of Stevie merchandise, with all proceeds dedicated to fighting ALS. By selling these items, they aimed to generate the resources necessary to make a difference.


ALS, short for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is a devastating condition that progressively affects the nervous system, gradually leading to muscle weakness, paralysis, and difficulty with speech, swallowing, and breathing. The Stevie Fever for ALS Foundation, driven by their unwavering love for Steve and their commitment to fighting ALS, aimed to make a lasting impact by funding research, supporting patients and their families, and raising awareness of this debilitating disease.


With every purchase of Stevie merch, individuals not only acquire a tangible piece of memorabilia but also contribute to the ongoing battle against ALS. The foundation's efforts, fueled by the Stevie Fever community, serve as a beacon of hope, shining a light on the urgent need for support, research, and advocacy in the fight against ALS.

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