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Welcome To the Stevie Fever Newsletter

Thank you for being a part of Steve's ALS journey and making a difference in the lives of countless others who face this incurable, terminal disease every day. After the success of our Walk to End ALS fundraising, we've decided to keep rolling forward in a more customized fashion. And when I say customized, I mean, spread a little Stevie Fever.

Stevie Fever is a year-round campaign to raise awareness and funds for lifesaving ALS research through various events and efforts such as dance parties, marathons, virtual challenges, and anything else you or I can come up with to raise money for this incredibly under-financed disease.

Our biggest event of the year will be the Stevie Fever Dance Party taking place on June 10, 2022, at The Great Hall in Toronto. In the surrounding area of T.O this will be our focused effort so if you are in the area and want to get involved, this is the event to place energy. Please mark your calendars now! I need all the help I can get running it and putting people on that dance floor. Please get in touch if you would like to help with...well, anything! We will have a DJ, silent auction, bar, possibly food, and so much more. Maybe you could donate items or an experience to the silent auction. Maybe you know a photographer who would donate their time to document the event. We need a DJ, maybe a comedian, perhaps some professional dancers..what about Drake? Haha. We could really use some sponsors right about now ;)

So, you may ask, why not just ask for donations each year and make it super simple? Why throw a big party with amazing music at an incredible venue in downtown Toronto? Besides being a great night to honour Steve and dance our asses off, a party creates awareness. Awareness brings money, supports clinical trials, and allows hope to grow. The bottom line is, what ALS patients need almost as much as care, is hope.

I will be in touch with info about the June 10, 2022 event details, ALS advocacy and fundraising going on around the world, and of course, all things Steve Daly :)

Don't forget to follow us on all socials and check out the Stevie Fever website which includes links to Team Captain toolkits to run your own fundraisers, sponsorship opportunities, ALS in current news, and Steve Daly's journey.

All the best,

Trish Bentley

#steviefeverforals is a campaign to raise funds and awareness for lifesaving ALS research.

Ps: Wherever you live, if you have any ideas about a fundraiser you'd like to run for Stevie Fever, let me know. I can send you all the tools you need to make it a success!


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