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STEVIE FEVER is a year-round campaign to raise awareness and funds for lifesaving ALS research through various events and efforts. 

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We are working with the provincial ALS societies to raise awareness of ALS and to raise funds for research and support. Only a few months before Steve's 50th birthday, he thought the most that was happening that summer was a party (sure with some dancing) and the re-opening of patios post Covid restrictions. But as people affected by ALS know, this horrible disease shows up without any warning and not much hope. The one thing he could do was share his story and because of the big personality he is and the people he has impacted along the way, the word spread quickly. Funds raised in honour of Steve have hit record numbers and still climbing at $128K!


Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a neurodegenerative disorder associated with motor neuron degeneration in the motor cortex and spinal cord, leading to muscle weakness and atrophy. It is the most common cause of neurological death in Canada. Despite currently available therapies, ALS remains rapidly debilitating and fatal with no effective treatment or cure.

Making ALS livable means finding new treatments, holding clinical trials for new drugs, and ramping up ALS research to help people living with ALS NOW. Your donation WILL lead to better care, longer lives, and a possible cure. How powerful is that? 

ALS research and care are incredibly underfunded in comparison to other diseases. In 2014 the ice bucket challenge raised around $200 million globally. We would have to do 50 of those globally every single year in order to reach the annual funding that cancer gets. ALS is a horrible disease that hits people in their prime, out of nowhere and it isn’t exclusive to any gender or group. Researchers still do not know what causes ALS and why some people get it, and some don’t. It remains a fatal disease with rapidly progressing, debilitating effects from the time of diagnosis. 


Although it is a rare disease, ALS can one day be a treatable, non-terminal disease with enough awareness and funds to invest in research. Researchers needs our help to spread the word to END ALS!

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